Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Review

Husqvarna recently spent a lot of time and effort into revamping their entire chainsaw line. The Husqvarna 120 Mark II is far superior to its predecessor, running longer, cooler, and cutting faster. (the true predecessor is the 240 model)

The Mark II is the perfect gas chainsaw for the average homeowner and comes with several advantages over previous iterations and competitive models. It is the weekend warrior’s equivalent to the Rancher line.

Larger fuel tank

As mentioned earlier the true predecessor to the 120 Mark II is the 240. The 240 had a 0.0175-gallon fuel tank, whereas the 120 Mark II has a 0.073-gallon tank. That is an incredible increase in capacity over the previous model. In fact, the increase is a little over 320%. Meaning you will have to fill up your gas tank one time for the 120 Mark II, instead of three times with for 240. It also means you won’t have to haul as much fuel around with you, making it easier to focus on working.

Quick and Smooth Action

Husqvarna redesigned the clutch system and flywheels in the Mark II to help with inertia and throttle response. Now you get immediate feedback which makes this saw great for limbing, this is useful when you are trying to maneuver and cut in tight spaces. Additionally, the new clutch system and flywheels reduce rotational forces which would otherwise make the saw harder to handle. The new LowVib system also reduces vibrations that would otherwise make the chainsaw more difficult to use for long periods of time or disrupt the blood flow to your hands and wrists causing severe discomfort.

Easy Start, Every Time

The Mark II also features what Husqvarna calls the “Air Purge” System. This essentially primes your chainsaw every time you start it by removing any air caught in the fuel system. This ensures you get the right air/fuel ratio whenever you start your saw. This feature is imperative for newbies, as most chainsaws in this price range to not come with a good priming system, which will result in a gummed carburetor that cannot be started no matter how many times you yank the cord.

Balance of Price and Power

This is the Husqvarna chainsaw for homeowners. It’s light enough to handle easily, but also has the length and torque to cut through fairly large logs. All of this comes at a remarkable price point. It has the balance and features every homeowner needs. This is great for someone looking to get into gas chainsaws without breaking the bank.


  • The best balance of price, power, and features for homeowners
  • Easy to use
  • Large fuel tank


  • More maintenance than electric competitors
  • Not enough power for large trunks
  • Might still be pricey for some newcomers


Ultimately, the Husqvarna 120 Mark II is a great tool for anyone who needs a gas chainsaw to complete small to medium tasks. This is one of the few gas chainsaws that can be found at this price range that are still considered capable and usable. It’s a phenomenal value that also gets the job done.